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The Acid Bathhouse Collection

PatRiff, or as his fans know him, Patrick, has a magic that all guitarists strive for, and as a player, epitomizes 'feel' in every conceivable way.

His range of production dynamics is as wide as it gets, going from furious wailing bends to breath-taking moments that are as quiet as a whisper, making the listener lean in. And it's not just Patrick's playing – it's his glassy edge-of-breakup sound and ability to convey deeply emotional moments that almost every artist on earth hopes to obtain through their art. 

With a slightly twisted sex-pop formula with the addition of gritty guitars and hypnotic melodies, he manages to reinvigorate the smooth sound of the millennial build-up with grit, edge, and angst borrowed from the class of the 90s. 


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Screen Shot 2023-07-15 at 2.50_edited.jpg
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