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Guitar virtuoso, Patrick Rifflin is used to transcending expectations. Patrick’s ongoing fascination with complex rhythmic syncopation combined with provocative lyrical melodies and sophisticated harmonies have been at the heart of his music. His dazzling technique on both acoustic and electric guitars, compiled together with the depth of Patrick’s writings, along with the soulfulness and inherent lyricism have captivated audiences and fanatic fans who regularly flock to his concerts and live appearances.


Absorbing music influences from legends including the natural mystic of Bob Marely, classic bluesman Stevie Ray Vaughn, the funk of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, guitar virtuoso Jimi Hendrix and the generational music and message of Kurt Cobain & Tupac Shakur. Patrick is the living-embodiment of Seattle’s creative aesthetic, isolated originality and the city's lineage of generation-shaping guitarists.   


The 2017 release of “Sex Addiction.” boasts his most confessional songwriting yet - combined with a surprising group of creative collaborators, including JusMusic&God’s CEO Demetri Green (E40 & Fetty Wap) the record is seductive urban groove that’s all new. Patrick explains: “It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before.”


Patrick says, “It’s all about living a lifetime of passion, practice and persistence. I want to share that, wake people up and remind them of who they are and what they are here to do. I spend a lot of time thinking about how I can change things. I feel change is the first thing we as humans either love or hate. I took a side, and although it's very challenging at times, I choose LOVE and now embrace the nature of life’s ever-changing realities. It challenges me mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We must remain grateful and genuine in our authentic selves through all we are hearing, seeing & feeling in order to offer our souls to one another for careful inspection to ignite the change.”


With playfully-soft, airy vocals over powerful guitar licks and head-nodding bass, genre-defying Seattle artist Patrick Rifflin manages to capture this sexy yet conflicted, euphoric feeling of love and addiction on his debut single “Sex Addiction.”

After spending countless hours crafting a new blend of sounds and stretching as a writer and composer in 2017,  Patrick continues his musical journey with a back to back release in April 2018 with two singles , "Moments Unknown" and "Passed Away", showcasing this new blend and challenging the listener while giving you memorable melodies against an entirely new sonic spectrum.


Patrick Rifflin is scheduled to release his debut EP entitled WAVY in Spring/Summer 2018.   

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